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I Producing Premio OMAR 2020 Live show for Osservatorio Malattie Rare Sept 23 2020, ARA PACIS, Rome   | Consulting for Mondadori on the next FOCUS LIVE 2020, Milan Nov 19-22 2020   | Consulting in science communication for Rarelab, Rome   | Developing one-off science documentary "Hardwired for God" with Gapc Entertainment, Ottawa CA   | Project creator and editor of “Neuromusic News” - Pierfranco and Luisa Mariani Foundation for child neurology research, Milan    | Shooting for SUPERQUARK, RAI-1 to be released July 2020   | Researching and shooting for the 2nd season of SUPERQUARK + Raiplay to be released Sept 2020   | Press content provider about Health and Medicine for monthly journal Nuovo Consumo   I Science Webinar for AGI srl   Releasing BRAINSINITALY science blog


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Oneframe is a science content provider, a creative factory of scientific stories told through all the available media. We have a simple mission, turning complex concepts into entertaining and emotional tales for your specific public, from businessmen to school kids, journalists or general public. Regardless of your background, we will make you enjoy science.

We can deliver contents for a variety of media: broadcast, web, press, events, or provide reports, speakers and speeches for conferences.

Whether you represent a public institution, industry, a PR or media company, a broadcaster or any type of stakeholder in science, we can help you with science communication by building customized creative projects and delivering the final product for your information purposes.

Oneframe network counts on a growing set of professionals in science and media market. We can quickly select the right staff for each project, and you only buy the service you need, an easy approach to workflow that ensures competence, flexibility, innovation while cutting production costs. We can work on a range of budgets, from small scale editorial projects, to the commission of documentaries for broadcast as well as museum exhibits or company events.

Our skilled network relies on top experienced producers, filmakers, science journalists, graphic designers, and, above all, counts on a solid network of consultants in science and tech providing us with the most up to date information, ensuring the reliability that contemporary science communication needs.

Whether you work in the medical field, biotech, environment, technology, energy, etc… we can cover your information needs with our services, blending the language of science communication in a way that suits your specific public.

It’s a wonderful world. Enjoy the exploration

Barbara Bernardini

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Barbara Bernardini, PhD

Creative producer and founder of Oneframe 

PhD in Biology at Sant’Anna University in Pisa and worked as researcher at Harvard University before switching to a career in science communication. 23 years of experience in press and TV, working with top companies and broadcasters, as producer, director and project manager. Since 2006, author and director for the science TV show Superquark, RAI-1, hosted by Piero Angela
by Barbara Bernardini
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